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We’ve all been there – your train arrives at the station behind schedule, or you’ve missed your train and had to use the following service.

There are no taxis at the cab rank, no ride-hailing services, or a massive queue that means you can run or be even later for your appointment.

It’s no secret that booking a taxi in Bath isn’t much fun and that even if you have pre-booked a cab, there is a distinct possibility it won’t arrive, or will also be late, compounding your problems!

The good news is that Swoop, a brand new, dynamic app-based taxi firm, has just opened its doors, aiming to make it easier, faster, and significantly less stressful to have a taxi waiting for you when you arrive at Bath Spa Station.

Finding a Local Bath Taxi Firm

Bath isn’t a huge city, and most parts of the city centre are reasonably walkable from the train station.

BUT that isn’t such an attractive option if you’re travelling elsewhere, cannot walk long distances, have heavy bags or suitcases, need to get somewhere with little ones, or don’t fancy a trudge in the pouring rain!

Unfortunately, there aren’t always cabs readily available at the station because the station itself is relatively small.

Once a train arrives from a busy commuting or tourist hub such as London or Bristol, the mass scramble often leaves the cab rank empty.

Any local will tell you that taxis aren’t particularly plentiful, and a shortage of drivers leaves travellers stranded.

You can park and retrieve your car if you regularly travel into and out of Bath Spa Station – but at the cost of £58.50 a week (or £11.70 for a day permit), it’s not a particularly cost-effective solution.

The current parking tariffs are available from National Rail.

Swoop is set to reverse this ongoing inconvenience with 100% reliability and 100% digital taxi services.

If you’re unsure when you’ll arrive, simply book your Swoop car as and when you’re near, and we’ll be there to meet you and get you to your destination on time and with zero fuss.

Alternative Travel Options From Bath Spa Train Station

Many visitors to Bath are unfamiliar with the city layout or are not confident walking alone or later in the evening, so it can be useful to understand all the public transport options.

Of course, Swoop is the safest and most reliable way to get from A to B, but for completeness, we’ll run through some of the other alternatives!

You can travel from Bath Spa Station to James Street West (right in the middle of the city centre) in around a minute by car or cab, outside of rush hour.

The challenge is that parking can be expensive and hard to find, so you’re often limited to one of the public car parks, which charge up to £15 per day.

If you prefer to take the bus, you can get to the centre from the station in around three minutes. There is a wait of half an hour between services and a cut-off in the evening.

Buses from Bath Spa arrive at Avon Street, and you can find further information about the First Bus service on their site.

According to the current timetable, travellers can take the Number Five bus towards Bath City Centre from Bay 15 outside the train station, with a two-minute walk on either side if they’re heading directly into the centre.

Average Taxi Costs From Bath Spa Station

How much should you expect to pay to travel via taxi from Bath Spa Station?

When you grab a cab (or pre-book), you might be surprised that even short journeys in Bath are expensive using a standard taxi company.

Although these are rough averages, we’ve listed below some of the most popular destinations and the indicative charge.

Note that some of these locations are possible to walk to (provided you are comfortable walking!) but can be costly due to traffic and the duration of the journey.



Average Taxi Fare

Roman Baths

0.4 miles


Royal Crescent

1.3 miles


Bath Abbey

0.5 miles


Pulteney Bridge

0.4 miles


Thermae Bath Spa

0.3 miles


The Cross Baths

0.4 miles


Holburne Museum

0.8 miles


City Centre

0.8 miles


Fashion Museum Bath

1.1 miles


Theatre Royal

1.4 miles


Prior Park Gardens

1.7 miles


Premier Inn Bath City Centre

0.4 miles


The Gainsborough

0.4 miles


University of Bath

1.7 miles


Bath Spa University (Sion Hill campus)

2.0 miles


Bath Spa University (Newton Park campus)

4.4 miles


Bath College

0.3 miles


Ride-Hailing Services in Bath

We created Swoop because, as we all know, ride-hailing apps make the cost of private taxi travel considerably more affordable and do away with long queues.

Our network of local drivers is knowledgeable about the best ways to get you to where you need to be as quickly as possible.

We operate 24/7, so even if you’re on the last train into Bath Spa, a friendly driver will be there to meet you, whether you’d like a lift home or are travelling onward to Bristol, Birmingham, Gatwick or Heathrow.

How Do Swoop Bath Taxi Services Work?

The limited public transport options in Bath pose a problem for the hundreds of thousands of visitors, students and workers who need to get around the city every day.

Swoop is here to make travel quicker and more affordable, with user-friendly app that couldn’t be easier to use:

    • Download our digital app (available on Apple, Android or online) and register your account.
    • Next time you need a cab, just log in and order your ride.
    • Your cab will be with you quickly, and you can pay via any card or PayPal through your app – no cash needed.

If you’d like more information about the costs of a regular Swoop trip from Bath Spa Station to any destination in the city, please download the app to check prices, or get in touch.

Simply download the app, register, and book a SWOOP ride at your leisure.

Download SWOOP Taxis on Google Play
Download SWOOP Taxis on App Store

Simply download the app, register, and book a SWOOP ride at your leisure.

Download SWOOP Taxis on Google Play
Download SWOOP Taxis on App Store